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Minggu, 26 Juli 2020

Main poster & trailer for movie “A Beloved Wife” oleh -

Halo sahabat selamat datang di website, pada kesempatan hari ini kita akan membahas seputar Main poster & trailer for movie “A Beloved Wife” oleh -, kami sudah mempersiapkan artikel tersebut dengan informatif dan akurat, silahkan membaca

Main poster and trailer added for movie “A Beloved Wife” starring Gaku Hamada & Asami Mizukawa. The film is based on novel “Chibusa ni Ka“ by Shin Adachi and also directed by him. The film follows a family on a road trip, with the husband attempting to write a new screenplay.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Gota (Gaku Hamada) is an unpopular scriptwriter. He has been married to Chika (Asami Mizukawa) for 10 years and they have a daughter Aki (Chise Niitsu). Their marriage life is not very good. Gota tries to make his relationship with Chika better, but Chika looks down on him for not being able to earn money. She is also not interested in having sex with her husband. One day, Gota has a chance to travel to Kagawa Prefecture to write a screenplay. He persuades Chika and Aki to go with him to Kagawa Prefecture, but he faces an unexpected case.

“A Beloved Wife” will be released September 11, 2020 in Japan.

Itulah tadi informasi dari idn poker mengenai Main poster & trailer for movie “A Beloved Wife” oleh - dan sekianlah artikel dari kami, sampai jumpa di postingan berikutnya. selamat membaca.

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